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Ongoing Book Coaching

Ongoing Book Coaching

Build your best manuscript from start to finish with support to complete the project with ongoing book coaching.


  • 30 pages/month (Semi-monthly submission deadlines)
  • Editorial feedback letter
  • Inline edits
  • Two semi-monthly 30-min zoom calls
  • Billed monthly in advance


Minimum 3-month Commitment at $395/month (Billed up front with monthly installments thereafter)


“Sharon, I pondered how to adequately put into words what you have done for me since we started working together on my novel. However, every sentence I craft appeared feeble and inadequate. Hiring you as my book coach was the best decision, I have ever made for my writing career.

I arrived at your doorstep with a background in illustration and picture book writing. The craft of creating a novel was foreign to me, yet my story begged for the middle-grade format. My initial attempts remained clumsy. The idea of one day completing a submission-ready novel appeared impossible.

You shepherded me through this writing maze with your insightful edits and generous feedback. When I struggled to implement your suggestions, you provided additional resources and tools to clarify what I had to do. I thank you for pushing me hard and guiding me in polishing my manuscript of coal into one that sparkles like a diamond.

You transformed not only my writing but my thinking as well. My approach to how I write and tell my story has evolved. You gifted me with the confidence to do this.

How do writers do this without a book coach?

I leave you as a better writer with a legitimate chance to see my work traditionally published. You instilled in me a love for the craft of novel-writing that I never imagined I would find.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-Tanja B.