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Story Development Coaching

Story Development

Story Development Coaching is prefect for writers wishing to focus on perfecting their story structure.

Story Development Coaching Includes:

  • Inside Outline & One-Page Book Summary Development Coaching
  • One initial forty-five minute call to discuss your book, the Inside Outline, and our coaching relationship
  • Four deadlines, weekly or bi-weekly, for feedback and questions
  • Various exercises to help you develop a One-Page Book Summary and Inside Outline
  • One 30-minute coaching call to support and guide you along the way
  • One 45-minute close-out call to discuss your thoughts and questions, and make a plan for writing forward
  • Package must be completed within two months.


6 to 8-week Commitment $800

Best For:

Authors looking for structure and guidance to better understand the story they want to tell and gain some insight and expertise into how to express that story succinctly, including those who have a draft that just isn’t quite working.



Working with Sharon was amazing! Going through the One-Page Summary and Inside Outline created a wonderful framework for understanding the key elements of my story more fully. These tools also helped me create a roadmap to follow during the writing process. As a result, I was better able to understand my character’s motivations and how they relate to the plot. Now the decisions my characters make drive the story forward. My favorite part of working with Sharon is that she makes the entire process so fun!

-Diana G.