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Rapid Book Coaching Package

Rapid Book Coaching

Rapid Book Coaching is the package you need when time is of the essence. Get a solid draft onto the page in 6 months. For manuscripts up to 80,000 words.

Rapid Book Coaching Includes:

  • 50 pages/month (Semi-monthly submission deadlines) (Up to 80,000 Words)
  • Editorial feedback letter
  • Inline edits
  • Two semi-monthly 30-min feedback calls


6-month Commitment at $4,500

Best For:

Authors working to meet a tight deadline where the support of a Book Coach will make all the difference in quality and timely completion.



“Working with Sharon gave me the guidance and feedback I needed to steer my book in the right direction. She was always helpful and understanding and full of suggestions. She never tried to push my book in a direction I didn’t want, but balanced that with pushing me as a writer.”

-Colleen Blain