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Welcome to the Book Coaching by Sharon Resource Page

Where I maintain a variety of tools to support you on your writing journey.

 “The Art of Critique: Giving and Getting Good Feedback” (Blog Post)

Sensory Details Image Showing the use of Six Senses
Revision: Sensory Detail

Well-chosen sensory details add layers of meaning to the narrative and create
emotional depth. What you choose to focus on, or rather, what your character is focused on and how it affects their emotional state, is a great way to level up your writing and make that story really shine.

Here is a tool to help you select the right details for your story.



Episode 1: What is KidLit?

Hello Listener! Welcome to Coaching KidLit, a podcast about writing and publishing good kid lit, hosted by Author Accelerator Certified Book Coaches, Christy Yaros and Sharon Skinner.

In this first episode, we talk about what kidlit is and what it isn’t, so our listeners will know what the heck we’re talking about when we talk about writing for kids.


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