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Need a bite-sized lesson on an aspect of writing craft?

Having trouble moving from craft theory to application in your own story?

Check out our Writing Craft Quick Vids

Writing Craft Quick Vids are short craft tutorials that help you reorganize your thinking around troublesome craft aspects like conflict, tension, character arc, emotion, etc.

Each Quick Vid looks at a specific aspect of craft and provides tools to help you deepen your understanding of the related skill and apply it in your own writing.

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Story Launch
Ready to start your journey but not sure where to begin? You've found the starting line. Learn and apply the fundamental aspects of story crafting to launch your story.
Story Forward
For those who wish to venture further down the rabbit hole of story crafting. This plan provides you with structured eLearning lessons in addition to enhanced access to our member exclusive content.
Story Shine
Your all-access pass to tools, lessons, and exercises to help you create a story that shines.

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